Quit When Dead's t-shirts are printed using the very latest in digital printing technology, creating rich vibrant prints at 1200dpi, that's super high quality, capturing fine details and multiple colours in one print.

Direct to garment (DTG) digital printing does not require traditional screen printing

equipment or the lengthy setup process.

Artwork can be digitally uploaded and printed directly to the printer via computer, making the printing process fast, clean, and more eco friendly.

Printed with eco friendly water-based textile inks that are Okeo-Tex Eco-Passport certified, and CPSIA Compliant.

Each Quit When Dead t-shirt is printed and numbered to order, reducing the need to stock large quantities of pre-printed products and surplus waste. Yes, this could mean that there is a short wait time for orders to be fulfilled, but you can be reassured that we are lovingly crafting your unique t-shirt.

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Due to the effects of Corvid-19, some products could be delayed or unavailable

at the time of checkout. However, we will always do our best to keep you informed.  


For more information on how this may affect your orders, please contact

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